Carolina is a New York native with a love of the arts and the outdoors. As a long time fashion designer, her concern for the current state of the environment gravitated her to seek sustainable practices in fashion and in her daily life, as well as, re-connect with nature by beekeeping and feels most at peace listening to the hive’s meditative hum. She enjoys engaging communities to support the honeybees in creative ways and singing in traffic.

Queen Bee Name: Queen Bee Nasty



Stacey is a New York native whose childhood love for gardening and growing vegetables naturally led her to a concern for the honeybee population in the United States and throughout the globe. As a 13 year veteran of the Food and Hospitality Industry working with sustainable farm to table establishments, she continues to develop an appreciation for honeybees and how they impact our relationship with food and agriculture. She enjoys roller-skating and has a sharp eye for great vintage finds.

Queen Bee Name: Queen Cleopatra